Naturelle Collection values that special quality that comes with being close to nature. Using New Zealand wool we provide highly durable carpets where the undyed tarn in a rustic tonality gives te soft scent of the earth.

The same technical conditions that apply to Spirit carpets, also apply to Naturelle. The only difference is that Naturelle is chemically undyied yarn. It is possible to combine and mix Naturelle with Spirit yarns.

Pile composition

100% New Zealand Wool

*Undyed yarn

Available pile heights Cut: 14 - 20 mm
Loop: 10 - 25 mm
Standard colours 4
Option of producing carpets in different shapes and sizes
Maximum size in one piece 5 x 13 m

Valley carpets have been tested by Institut für Ökologie, Technik und Innovation GmbH (ÖTI) in Austria and that our 100% wool carpets and those made of wool and tencel blend have been assigned with fire behaviour classification C-s1. This means that Valley carpets and rugs meet requirements presented to hotels and other public spaces.