Posted 13. december 2018

Domotex 2019 in Hannover from 11 until 14 January

In January, we are once again going to participate in Domotex, the largest carpet and floor covering trade show in the world. We have been exhibiting there since 2011; each year, we present a small carpet collection which is specifically created for this fair. This year, the theme of the trade show collection revolves around the question ‘How are ideas born?’

The collection consists of three pieces: the main rug Generating, its pastel-coloured and slightly smaller sister Mavi Rüya (Blue Dream) and Lost Boy inspired by Peter Pan.

The theme of the collection is dreamlike and phantasmagorical; abstract forms combine into somewhat familiar objects which in turn merge with the playful colours and background flow. If Generating is a restless dream which conflates impressions of the day seeking their place in brain's convolutions, then Blue Dream is a more relaxed fantasy which generates new ideas where pieces of inspiration collected during the day have already established a place for themselves. The third rug, Lost Boy, depicts a celestial body at night caught between mystical peeling layers; it symbolises night as the time for rest as well as the indispensable period for creation when fancy can roam freely across the expanse of the entire world. The author of the dreamlike collection is Ruth Vassel.

Everyone is welcome to take a look at the carpets at Domotex from 11 until 14 January. Our stand (E15) is located in Hall 9.

See you soon!